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GenericUndoableExecutor() - Constructor for class resources.CommandDelegatorTestUtility.GenericUndoableExecutor
getExecutionRecords() - Method in class com.logdyn.CommandDelegator
getExecutionRecords(int) - Method in class com.logdyn.CommandDelegator
Gets the X most recent records where x is the value of count parameter.
getINSTANCE() - Static method in class com.logdyn.CommandDelegator
getLatestExecutionRecord() - Method in class com.logdyn.CommandDelegator
getName() - Method in interface com.logdyn.Command
getName() - Method in class resources.ClassHierarchyComparatorTestUtilities.ChildCommand
getName() - Method in class resources.ClassHierarchyComparatorTestUtilities.ParentCommand
getName() - Method in class resources.ClassHierarchyComparatorTestUtilities.StandaloneCommand
getName() - Method in class resources.CommandDelegatorTestUtility.NamedCommand
getName() - Method in class resources.CommandDelegatorTestUtility.PublishCommand
getName() - Method in class resources.CommandDelegatorTestUtility.RedoCommand
getName() - Method in class resources.CommandDelegatorTestUtility.SubscribeCommand
getName() - Method in class resources.CommandDelegatorTestUtility.UndoCommand
getName() - Method in class resources.CommandDelegatorTestUtility.UnsubscribeCommand
getRedoName() - Method in class com.logdyn.CommandDelegator
getRedoNames(int) - Method in class com.logdyn.CommandDelegator
getUndoName() - Method in class com.logdyn.CommandDelegator
getUndoNames(int) - Method in class com.logdyn.CommandDelegator
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