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redo() - Method in class com.logdyn.CommandDelegator
Call reexecute command on executor on previous command Only works if both command and executor are redoable
redo(int) - Method in class com.logdyn.CommandDelegator
RedoCommand() - Constructor for class resources.CommandDelegatorTestUtility.RedoCommand
redone - Variable in class resources.CommandDelegatorTestUtility.RedoTestExecutor
redone - Variable in class resources.CommandDelegatorTestUtility.UndoTestExecutor
RedoTestExecutor() - Constructor for class resources.CommandDelegatorTestUtility.RedoTestExecutor
reexecute(C) - Method in interface com.logdyn.UndoableExecutor
Default implementation calls execute() Can be overriden to implement specific behaviour
reexecute(CommandDelegatorTestUtility.RedoCommand) - Method in class resources.CommandDelegatorTestUtility.MultipleRedoTestExecutor
reexecutedCount - Variable in class resources.CommandDelegatorTestUtility.MultipleRedoTestExecutor
removeListener(PropertyChangeListener) - Method in class com.logdyn.CommandDelegator
resources - package resources
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